Lorena Antoniazzi

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About the brand

The Lorena Antoniazzi brand, specializing in high-end knitwear, was founded in Perugia in 1993.

The creation of the label was founded with passion by Lorena a Creative Director, and her husband Luca Mirabassi, founder and owner of Sterne International an Umbrian company that produces and distributes it.

It’s a passion coupled with design and production of high quality garments, with a focus on knitwear.

The story of the brand was in fact a wager: in the early 90’s, Lorena Antoniazzi and Luca Mirabassi, who came from diverse backgrounds in the fashion industry, decided to create a small collection of garments for

women, using prestigious yarn and innovative techniques.

It was produced entirely in Umbria, strengthened by the entrepreneurial spirit of Luca and the creative talent demonstrated by Lorena since childhood.

They began an adventure that, twenty years later, is still “electrifying”.